Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year, New Prospects

It's been a promising new year so far for us. I am getting more income opportunities, hubby has been supportive of the schedule changes, even Yakee is generally adjusting alright.

We're looking to buy our own home too. After four years of living a comfortable life at the grace of our parents, we believe it's time we 'spread our wings' some more. I know it will be hard and yet another adjustment, but I really hope this time, we'll make it happen.

I have not made advances in the weaning and potty-training department. I still see no sign in my son that he's ready to be potty trained (because he still pees everywhere, given a chance) and the changes I've had to make to accommodate 'work' is making me guilty about weaning him. Hubs teases me that myabe am the one who's not ready for it :) But it's not like Yakee nurses a lot anyway. He can even last a day without doing so. He generally only nurses before fully waking up in the morning and when am tucking him in for his afternoon nap.

Pappie and I are thankful that despite the terrible two's (more like Yakee's demands for attention and independent streak), Yakee is growing up a happy boy.

Pappie and I are also watching the Valentine Farewell Concert of the APO Hiking Society, something to really look forward to. And come March, we'd have been flirting with each other and driving each other crazy for ten years now. How fast time flies when you're having fun... or losing sleep. Hehe.

Now, where to travel to this year?

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