Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Cute Realization

Pappie usually complains that Yakee, while sleeping, seeks him out that he gets crammed to the wall with no breathing space. Then yesterday, I was complaining of the same during our afternoon nap and very early this morning when I finally came to bed.

Pappie made the connection though. Yakee seeks in his sleep the parent he missed during the day. I was gone for a while for lunch so he sought me during the afternoon nap. And I was working in the computer all night so he sought me, when he sensed my presence in bed, when I went to bed at past 3 AM.

Now, since Pappie is gone 5 days a week, Yakee seeks him 5 nights a week. Of course, this sometimes disrupts Pappie's sleep as well but I guess this is nature's way of making sure each child gets to bond with its parents. Both parents. :)

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