Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentines

Hubs promised our son painting time so I banished them outside last Saturday to be free in creating a mess.


Hubs and I attended the Last Valentine nAPO Nila concert of the APO Hiking Society. It was my first time to watch themmperform live although i've always loved their songs. I have even forgotten that one of their songs featured in our wedding. PANALANGIN was our entrance song at our reception and was also used for our wedding video. It was only when it was being sung that I got all kilig.

The concert was hubby's Valentine treat for me. He got us gold tickets. And I really enjoyed the date. Actually, I think I got more exhausted way before APO did... their concert was THAT sulit! Hubs and I were super hungry after the show (from all the laughing we did, I think) so we ate at Hap Chang before heading home to our beloved son.


Gave hubby a Hugo Energise perfume :)


A week ago, hubs brought me a new printer because our old one conked out and the cost of getting it repaired is just a little less than a brand new one. So with our new HP Deskjet F4480, I printed the following to give Yakee a tangible something for our countdown to official weaning.

I explained to Yakee that the numbers represent the number of days remaining that Mommy will still have milk for him. Then after all the days are through, he'd be like a dinosaur that would have to drink all his milk from a cup or glass. Every day, I will carry him and get him to pull down a number. It so happened that the first day of no milk from Mommy was yesterday, Valentines Day, so we bought him a cake to celebrate his dinosaurship :)


Our car, Maxime, had a stick shift that keeps sticking so hubs went out to have it fixed yesterday. Just before the mechanic was finished, a jeep sideswiped our car from trying to avoid a cyclist. Maxime lost part of the tire guard over at the driver's side.

Hubs decided to 'punish' the driver by reporting the incident. He feels bad about it because the man's license was confiscated but it was still the right thing to do. He knew the driver cannot pay for damages anyway.

Hubs later on got peeved that LTO was charging both victim and perpetrator P150 each for one photo of the damage. It really is just too much for a 5R print. The government should be ashamed!


Because we were out the night before, and Yakee was being weaned officially, he was throwing tantrums left and right yesterday. And we're really having trouble containing him during Mass. But all in all, we had a happy Valentines because we were all safe and healthy.

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