Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lianne's Birthday Weekend

This is around two weeks ago and I have got to document it already since we're celebrating another niece's birthday this coming weekend.

Lianne is Pappie's younger brother's daughter who turned five last January 28. Their school had this field trip, the last stop of which was Enchanted Kingdom. Their family has decided to tag along and celebrate her birthday there. Unfortunately, I think they arrived there around 3:00 PM with Lianne asleep so they went in around 4:00 PM. We got there at 5:00 PM, having gotten lost from our attempts to check out properties. And the place was packed that none of us really rode-all-we can.

birthday girl Lianne

monkey kids on the loose

me with in laws

a niece was scared of the fireworks

methinks Iya had too much cotton candy

at least you can rent a stroller there now

space shuttle was closed

pizza hut and chowking food after

chocolate cake the following day

play dolls after

Yakee using any long thing as an axe
to hack away at other stuff

this was how a grandma found Yakee, thought him cute,
asked him to 'bless' and gave him P3 after

We first met lianne when she just turned three. Time flies by so fast and she's more a big girl now than a toddler. Big for her age too. Yakee adores her because she likes his rough games and they both like running and climbing on things. But she loves girly stuff as well... which made the division of the paper dolls' things a challenge seeing as she and Iya both want PINK.

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