Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Decade of Love

March 14 marked the tenth anniversary of my love affair with Pappie. We met online night of March 10, 2000, first met in person March 13 and agreed to go steady over the phone the following day. He had me at the word, "Baby" :D Three months after, I broke up with him and we were more off than on for the next three years or so.

Then I got lost for a while in Mt. Banahaw and realized that the saddest thing about possibly dying there was not having said goodbye to him properly. That's when I knew that he was the one. Hubs was surer that I was the one for him from day one. Maybe because am really charming as hell... hihihi.

Anyway, hubby told me he'd bring us on a date and wouldn't tell me where. He told Yakee though, who of course didn't remember. Whenever I asked Yakee where Pappie was taking me, he'd say "SLIDE."

But when Pappie told me to bring a sweater for Yakee in case it got cold... I knew. I just knew that we're finally going on that Manila Bay Cruise we've talked of trying years ago. Sure enough, we went on a Manila Bay Dining Cruise by Prestige Cruises Inc. What's greater is that, as it plied the Manila Bay waters, we got to enjoy the last Sunday of the fireworks competition at the Mall of Asia, without the smoke and crowd! Well, our ship went near enough for us to smell some of the smoke.

But wait... we attended Mass first at St. Pancratius Chapel, where we were wed.

And we wrongly went to Harbor Square, thinking that's where the ship was docked and had sandwiches at Pancake House first.

We got to the right dock just in time. It was behind Folk Arts Theater (Tanghalang Balagtas) just off the now-closed Jumbo Palace.

The caterer, as far as I know, was Barbara's. Great thing we ate sandwiches because the portions were really small and the food just okay. As we started going towards Mall of Asia, the sea breeze smelled sweeter (instead of rank) and it was hard holding onto Yakee who was intent on watching the waves.

During many interims, hubs and I exchanged loving glances and made jokes about who Yakee was. Hehe.

And I did say there were fireworks right?

I was really happy about hubby's surprise. Having guessed it just proved how in synch we really have become. But of course, the highlight of the night was just watching our son have a grand time. He loved the heart fireworks and the smiley fireworks and would say "BOOM" every time a new one erupts into the night sky.

Plus, he loved pretending to take videos of the musicians serenading us the whole time.

We ended our night with CSI watching :D


I still owe my darling hubs a proper gift... I did cook binagoongan the following day, and then made egg sandwich spread too.


Pappie... I love that there is much more about you I am getting to know. I love that I was able to keep you. I love the family we're building. And I love the love I see in your eyes everytime I look at you.

In short, I am mushy.

Happy Anniversary!


popcorn said...

Happy Anniversary, Mec & Jojo!

btw, Yakee's so gwapo :D

Mec said...

Hahaha sis, thank you :) may moments lang ang anak ko!

Chie said...

Happy anniversary:-)