Monday, April 05, 2010

The Tagaytay Road Trip

Last March 27, Pappie came forth with an idea. To go grocery shopping at Robinson's... Tagaytay. I thought he was joking because hubs doesn't really like driving unless he has to. But we went anyway and found ourselves just in time to enjoy Residence Inn's Mini Zoo. We brought my cousin and nephew along with us and had a grand time.

I loved that there are still a lot of animals there. I have always known it as Halfway Drive and have gone there with family and friends before. But it must have been more than a decade since I was last there. It was where I held a tiger cub before.

We had the kids ride horses in the dark and were amazed they weren't scared. We then went to the bulaluhan for dinner and were just in time for grocery shopping at Robinson's Tagaytay.

It was colder outside in the Tagaytay night air than in the air-conditioned grocery.

The kids only fought 10% of the time, a major improvement as they're always at each other's throats when home. It was also great listening to say "Wow" and "Oooh" alternately at the animals. :)

And Pappie never once lost his cool despite the long drive. I loved him more for it.

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