Sunday, July 11, 2010

Selfish Thoughts, Difficult Time

FIL is back in the hospital and doctors have recommended he undergo a triple bypass operation. It's been set for this coming Monday already.

I am worried about FIL... of course I am hoping for a succesful operation and speedy recovery, but I am worried about not so good news, and what it would mean for hubs and his siblings.

But I am honestly more worried about Pappie, how he's coping with the stress. If he hasn't started cutting back on his food intake and exercising every other day, I would probably be more worried. It's just that he's overweight and has his father's genes (and his father has problems with his kidneys, heart, BP, blood sugar...) and had an uncle who died at age 35 or so.

I am worried.

And yes, I wonder if 10, 20 years down the line, he'd require the same surgery too.


It's not good for me to be worried. But I am.

I am also worried if I can provide all the suppport my husband and his family needs. But I submit to God's greater plan... He knows best and the best is still to come.

Meanwhile, prayers will really be appreciated.

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