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First of, it's official. We're expecting another boy! Yakee went with us when we had a congenital anomaly scan and he was cute enough to exclaim with delight over everything the doctor was saying and showing. I really couldn't appreciate ultrasound images much but hubs and the doc saw for sure that Yamee is a boy, hehe.

We are a little disappointed because we really would have preferred a girl because we really wanted both genders and aren't sure if we'd have a third child. But hubs has been delighted by the possibility of introducing "his boys" while I wasn't averse to really being the only woman in their lives so we're not needlessly sad about having another boy. Well, I think I will always feel a tinge of sadness that I can't buy pink, girly stuff... then again, I was also worried that having a girl would mean Yakee will be the only boy in hubs' side of the family and would be further discriminated against by his girl cousins. Hehe.

Anyway, God's plans are always better than our dreams. And Yamee's name (can you guess what?) is a boy's name actually (yes, it's been picked and decided upon even before he was conceived).

Now, I can finally shop for Yamee. I gave away a lot of Yakee's stuff, from onesies to blankets to shoes, but I did keep a few treasured pieces. I just have to conduct an inventory of what we'd need again because our home is definitely not infant-friendly anymore.


We very seldom buy Yakee toys. First, he already has so many. His aunts usually gift him with something too. I think the last 'toy' we bought for him were play dough activity sets. And well, those miniature dinosaurs that Pappie bought for him once. But really, we seldom buy him toys. We (I) buy books regularly for him instead. Plus, he seldom really plays with toys. He plays pretend, plays with people, or plays pretend with people... not toys.

Plus, he's still pretty imaginative enough to use straws as drum sticks and his drum as hat.

And really, he has many toys!

But this July saw Pappie and his Ninang buying him lots of miniature trucks. Tito Trek also assembled a bolted plane for him. And Pappie bought him this cool backhoe which you can assemble and disassemble using just this one tool. And then Pappie also bought him two sets of toy cars, one of trucks and the other of emergency cars. And I also bought him stacking cups that can also be formed into balls. Needless to say, our home got a little more cluttered.

here he is playing Woody, thus the cowboy hat, while holding his big backhoe's screws; posing with the emergency cars set which we gave as reward for peeing in the potty one time; and him playing w/ a catch-all in his tub (and yes, I still can't crop pics well)

Needless to say, he's been spoiled a little for the month of July.


Yakee was pretending he's Buzz Lightyear a lot. He'd even lie prone on the bed, prop a pillow on his back and tell me it's his wings. He'd always push some imaginary button on his chest to 'activate' his wings or press something on his arm to 'zap' me.

So hubs and I of course talked a lot about buying Toy Story toys for him. We agreed if the fascination continues, then he'd get them as birthday presents.

But you see, that's always the immediate reaction... that because a child was pretend-playing something, buy him that toy. And though I don't doubt my son will be delighted by new toys, I also really like that his imagination is active and he is entertaining himself.

But anyway, he's really so cute and adorable sometimes, hubs and I keep talking about BUYING.

And then came the day Yakee insisted I give him wings. And Pappie thought he'd make one for him till we can buy him something with wings. Then I told Pappie that making wings for our child would be more intentional parenting so he started getting cardboard scraps at work.

From around 7 AM to 11 AM (July 31), he was working on the wings. And tweeting these:

~ I manage mil. worth of projects @ work, but making buzz lightyear wings out of old boxes for my little boy is d best project ever!

~ I don't care if it looks cheap as long as it brings smiles to my little boy, this is priceless!

Well, Yakee WAS happy with the gift. It just doesn't show in the picture because we put everything on him after he's just woken up. He also needed to get used to the wings which turned out a little heavy but he went and played with his Ninang outside with these on.

I told hubs I was really touched with what he did... but kinda critiqued that he got a little carried away with FORM than FUNCTION as the wings kept bumping on things (Yakee had to get out the door sideways). I would have preferred something more like the one Andy made for himself in the movie. But I am optimistic that Yakee and his Pappie has a future in cosplay, hehe.

And the priceless thing really isn't that Yakee was happy, but that he has a father who would take the trouble to make things for him... that he has a father who is this involved in his happiness... that he has a father willing to see the world through his eyes.

Isn't our son lucky? :)

I just hope Yakee will take after his Pappie and be a good brother to Yamee...


I conditioned hubs that we'd be shopping and allowed Yakee to roam the toys section and have his fill. We were also open to Yakee insisting we buy him a Toy Story toy. But though he was awed with the talking toys and delighted in pressing their buttons, he kept moving on. He was actually more interested in toy trucks and cars and all those electronic thingies that had lights and made noises.

Hubs saw a tub of wooden blocks on sale and asked me if we'd finally buy one. We asked Yakee if he liked it and he said yes, but he also proceeded on just roaming around, trying different toys. So we made him choose instead between the blocks and this erasable writing tablet set and he chose the writing tablet. Then he whined for about 15 minutes after the purchase because he said he wanted the blocks. He only stopped when we finally let him play with the writing tablet at Holy Cow, where we had dinner.

It is good luck that we have some time yet before our son actually clamors for something material and definite. But I think we had ur hearts set so much on buying something Toy Story-ish so we settled on a pyjama set.

Exhausted from all the excitement

Oh... Pappie has also bought Yakee two Dakki Buzz Lightyear pillows already. So maybe that's why Yakee wasn't asking for more... he knows he's not going without.

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