Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Together

Hubs and I lovingly left our son to the care of my in-laws last Saturday so he could accompany me to the LATCH breastfeeding seminar, where I was helping with the breakout groups, and we could attend the talk in the afternoon.

I dressed up in my newly-acquired Eden maternity/nursing wear and looked fab accessorized and in heels. I was, however, traumatized when the LTO stopped us along EDSA even though we didn't commit any violations. Good thing though, hubs told them we're already late for a chekc-up and he pointed to my bump... and we were let go.

Hubs helped me at the breastfeeding seminar by reminding me of things I forget to point out. He could really very well handle breakout groups on his own, considering how supportive he's been with my breastfeeding advocacy (plus, he's been with me to seminars, even the Milk Code forum).

We had a not-so-nice lunch at that Cebu Lechon place near St. Luke's Global... and didn't really benefit much from the talk. We were either bored or napping or griping about the hard-sell talks. I did salivate a little during the fashion show (so many fab maternity con nursing clothes, I swear!) but we just really made the most of the time together by talking and teasing each other.

It was a date after all.

I'm just glad that even after almost 5 years of marriage, and almost 2 kids, and the stresses and challenges in our lives, and all the other things that have changed... we still cannot bore each other. In fact, we can still entertain each other and talk for hours and find the funny in things.

And we are starting to look alike, I think. Haha. Yikes!


I did win a gift bag from Off Lotion... and I told hubs that ever since I married him, my luck has changed. I've never won anything from raffles before I married him. Now, at least, I get to enjoy consolation prizes.

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