Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Bathing Cutie

It didn't say if there was a cap to the number of pics you can include in your post for the Bathing Cutie Contest being held by Leirs and I thought, this would be a fun opportunity to recap how much Yakee loves bathing :)

And I will limit the pics to bathing pics and not include pool, lake and beach pics anymore.

Yakee at 3 months

Yakee at 5 months

at 9 months

at 11 months (loving it as he splashes himself)

Fast forward to over a year or so. Yakee loves toys with him in the tub (from his stacking cups and bowls to a rubber ducky to any dispenser and even a toy watering can) and lots of bubbles. Now, he helps filling the tub with water and tipping it over after he's finished.

taken last June, he posed like this for several
shots just for kicks

and on to his most recent pics

isn't he cute, or what?

yes, he wears shades there sometimes... he'd even wear a hat
if i'd let him

I have a shot of him with his butt out but
I may be the only one to find that cute, so here's him
with his tongue out instead


DearSophiaMarie said...

Ang cute!!! I gotte get me one of those sitting chair thingys!

Mec said...

haha sis... we also used that to feed Yakee kasi he didn't like his rocker much :D