Thursday, September 02, 2010

Intentional Pappie

Yakee is growing up truly physical. He dives on us, prefers running after a soccer ball (and has great foot-eye coordination compared to hand-eye), loves to dance and the outdoors and getting dirty and just moving.

A few months ago, Pappie realized he couldn't put exercising and losing weight off any longer. Not only was he overweight (which is unhealthy), he also couldn't keep up with Yakee. How were they to bond? How was he to provide the male role model if he couldn't join Yakee in the activities that interest him? Not only was he courting future problems that would impact the family (like diabetes or heaven forbid, heart attacks), he's also unable to take advantage of the opportunities in the here and now to spend time with his son.

So he started exercising. His progress is slow, but I have great faith that this time, it's also sure. Surer than his attempts almost 3 years ago. He's been jogging every other day, sometimes even in the rain. And we're glad to both notice that he has indeed more energy now for Yakee :)

And last Sunday, he ran his first marathon after probably 15 years (he was in track in high school) with Kraft's Family Fun Run event. He ran the 3K race with a colleague and they had so much fun.

I wanted to accompany him for support but didn't want to also worry him about whether I was ok or not. Needless to say, I am so proud of him... and happy for Yakee.

Of course, we still really can't keep up with Yakee... and two months from now, we'd have two boys already!


Despite the limited funds as we prepare for my delivery, I had to shop yesterday after dreaming that Yamee had nothing to wear after he was born. Haha.

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geWi said...

boy ka rin pala ulit! parang mas maraming nanganganak ng boys ngayon hehe.. hurrah for girls lol.