Monday, August 16, 2010

Boyz II Men Date

Hubs wanted to surprise me with a date but I figured out the surprise (as usual) when it fell on the same date as the Boyz II Men Love Tour which I told hubs about wanting to watch.

Needless to say, we had fun.

I've Plurked about it already, feeling all kinds of sentimental hearing all those mushy, sad love songs and realizing I am way past the drama of looking for my mate. Hubs teased it's kinda late to be only realizing it now, what with our 2nd baby on the way already. Hehe. I have always known it ever since I got married, but almost 5 years into the marriage, it's really so nice to see us growing together. It's nice to feel secure, not just about being loved, but also about having someone to love. It's nice to have stopped wandering, and to know you belong. It's nice that the guy in my heart is the man in my arms... :)

So yeah, mushy.


Hubs told me that his brother Rocky used to sing 'Mama' by the Boyz II Men to their Mom, and when I started crying over the song, he said he'd teach Yakee to sing it to me.


Women (and even men) approached the Boyz II Men when they sang "I'll Make Love to You" and were giving roses away. I asked hubs how it'd be if we were seated at the lower box too and I approached the stage for a rose. Without skipping a beat, he said, "Then they'll change their song to I MADE LOVE TO YOU"


Took this pic when we were eating after the concert at this Chinese place near Araneta Coliseum. Our rings haven't been brought to the cleaners for 5 years now, but it doesn't matter, the love they symbolize continues to bloom in their owner's hearts anyway.

I still love how solid our rings are, too!


We just bought Yakee binoculars for pasalubong.

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