Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Tragedies and A Good Day

Yakee has a habit of waking up at past 5 or 6 am nowadays and demanding kisses, hugs, meme and to sleep with us/me.

At 7 AM, Pappie woke up and we decided to go through with our planned jogging/morning sun trip. And we braved going to Quirino Grandstand despite still having weird feelings about the place. We even worried if it was the first monthsary of the hostage taking tragedy.

Fortunately, the place seems to have recovered. Families still abound when we got there. As it was already a little hot, Pappie decided to forego jogging and just play with Yakee. They ran all over the place chasing after a soccer ball and Yakee had so much fun! The heat got to him though.

We breakfasted at Jollibee in Kalaw and then went grocery shopping at Rob later. Then Pappie had to work and Yakee and I slep the afternoon away.

After a merienda of ice cream and crackers, we attended Mass and then ate the rest of the leftovers for dinner. We thanked God for the lack of rain all day, since today was Ondoy's anniversary.

We have yet to replace our linoleum though, but am glad there was no real trauma to be commemorated. Ondoy spared us and we weren't at Quirino that day of the hostage drama. We didn't really lose property nor loved ones over those two tragedies. And during the day, we were able to connect as a family and celebrate how the years seemed to have just flown and brought us to this point: where a happy-hyper son challenges us everyday while another one is on the way.

Thank you God for this wonderful, blessed day.

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