Saturday, October 02, 2010

Blessing In Disguise: Our Car Broke Down

If truth be told, it's a major, major, major hassle having your car break down when you have all these activities planned already. Not to mention expensive.

We don't know what really happened but it seems we have been getting watery gas from the Petron station where hubby fills up (courtesy of company account there). It's the most logical explanation to what happened to our car's engine since hubs has only recently been getting gas from that particular station and after comparing the contents of our gas tank with clean gas.

Now, the car's in the shop and the engine had to be taken apart for the first time and calibrated (sorry, I do not know the correct terms for this). So far, it has set us back P6k already.

Now, how is this a blessing in disguise?

Well, at least the car refused to start yesterday while hubs was still in the parking lot near our home. He didn't have to be towed from the road somewhere.

And I don't know about engine troubles but at least it just refused to start and hubby wasn't in a car accident because our car had problems.

We've been told that we're also lucky it didn't take longer for our car to manifest its troubles, oherwise we might have actually needed to replace the engine. All that from some water in the gas tank.

And though it has spoiled our weekend birthday plans, at least it happened now, after hubs has gotten his salary and we haven't spent it already celebrating. We may have to adjust our priorities but at least we don't (yet) have to be scrambling for cash. And at least it happened now, not when I'm going into labor already.

And when worse comes to worst, we still have the delivery money at our disposal, depending on what's really important. I mean, we could charge the hospital bill to our credit card if need be, or still make arrangements for a less expensive delivery.

The important thing is we're all safe and healthy, even with hubs and I stressed and a little depressed.

At least Yakee's more manageable lately, hehe. That's a great silver lining there. And Yamee is happily active so I know he's okay.

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