Thursday, October 07, 2010

Happy Birthday, Yakee

Once, something only dreamt about
prayed for
longed for
an idea tossed around
Once, a hope
that kept us awake at nights
faith that we would be
to hold onto tight
and then a speck
in my womb
and then a babe
sweet-smelling and
helpless in our arms

Once, a seemingly blank slate
or an unread book
filled with promises
we watched you unfold
every day
over smiles
and chubby little hands
and always
that sense of wonder
in your eyes
as you explored
and learned
about us
about this world
you fit perfectly
in our laps

Once, a toddling
with unsure steps
and clumsy hands
Once, a babbling bundle
of joy
we could only
because you're ours
a constant source of
worry and delight
your legs got stronger
as your heart grew stout
and we
could barely keep up

Once, a cute baby
age one
and then a happy lark
of two
now, you're a little boy
with a personality
all your own
there are glimpses
of your father and me
in you
but the person you're
is all unique
and wonderful
and a little unknown
we cannot even carry
you for long
the bittersweet taste
of every step you take
away from us
is only tempered by
the quiet confidence
we see
in your eyes
that you are loved

Once, darling
you were just really ours
to keep and care for
and enjoy
but now the world
beckons that you
burst free, grow forth
reach out
from the ground
you were planted on
to realize
the masterpiece
that you truly are
so, outgrow your shirts
and shoes if you must
you'll always be the right size
for our hearts

Happy third birthday to our Yakee. We wish you health and happiness and always, a sense of purpose and wonder. We love you so much!

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