Monday, October 18, 2010

My Running Man

Because he attended the blogger event with me, Pappie decided to join Bluewater Day Spa's Fun Run last October 17. I felt a little bad, loot bag-wise, for him and his colleague because they got a really nice loot of Kraft products plus free breakfast at their Kraft Fun Run but the BlueWater Day Spa's loot contained brochures mostly, discount coupons and a tetra pack of sweetened milk from Alaska. That was it. There was also no free breakfast or drinking water.

But yeah, yeah, they did get free singlets and towelettes. And they didn't have to pay for the registration since we blogged about it.

I am proud, however, that Pappie beat his first fun run's time by about 4 minutes. And for this particular run, he was 77th out of 659 runners in the 3KM race. Talk about progress! I am really so proud that all his efforts are paying off, and that he's doing this so he can keep up with his son.

I really hope he'd stay committed because I need him to also egg me to a more active lifestyle after giving birth. We have to be a fit and healthy family! And I don't mind his dreams of someday running with our kids and joining triathlons with them.

I really love how hubby is reinventing himself because of fatherhood. And there can really be no happier wife!

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