Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving Homes in the US

Was chatting with my sister this morning. She's currently living on her own on a leased apartment with someone else, far away from my parents. Well, not that far really since they're all still in the same, or adjacent, counties in Detroit. Good thing she hasn't really amassed herself enough gear and equipment yet to require the likes of Billy's Tucson movers when they moved her there. My parents' car could still do the job conveniently as she mostly had clothes and stuffed toys and her laptop.

After living on her own, however, I am not sure. I mean, she has started investing on things like tables and cookware. She is bound to just purchase more and more furniture and appliance as need for those arise and as she starts really earning. So, after her stint in that apartment, she may want to join a savings club and wish there are movers in Detroit like those local Phoenix movers reputed to be really affordable and dependable. And I sure hope she's moving to Chicago next.

I have never been to the US but Michigan has always seemed like a dead sort of state to me, plus she's always said she loves the windy place that is Chicago. I also wouldn't mind if she lands herself a job over in DC since I'd love to see Washington when I do get a chance to visit her. So, yeah, I guess I must really insist she finds a husband who's based there and have her wedding there so we'd really have to fly there.

I'd even offer to help her pack her things for moving in with her future hubby.

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