Tuesday, October 05, 2010

No Gifts for Yakee

Pappie arrived home at past 11 PM laden with Starbucks frappes and Chowking food. As we were having our midnight snack, Yakee woke up and joined us.

Hubs and I started talking about what we'd really do for Yakee's birthday, given that we had to spend almost P10k to have the car repaired (thank God Maxime is running just fine again!). Hubs asked if we're buying him any particular gift and then we realized that we haven't been giving him any material gift at all, for his birthdays nor for Christmas. I am actually online now 'coz I wanted to verify and true enough, NADA!

Amazing! Surprising! And a little embarassing, especially since hubs pointed out that I get stuff like cake for my birthday or flowers for our anniversary. Heck, reading back, I also get cameras and books and a laptop. But Yakee not receiving gifts? Yakee not opening gifts?

Hubs asked the loaded question: Do I think we're depriving Yakee?

I honestly had to answer with a NO.

For his birthdays, Yakee always got a cake and a celebration. And I know I always buy him new clothes for his birthday and Christmas, not to mention all the shopping we do year-round. Plus, I always buy him books. And Pappie buys him toys sometimes, just because.

When we were thinking of what toy to get him for his birthday, we were at a loss. We had offered to buy him Toy Story toys already before and asked him to choose but he wasn't really interested. And our house is still teeming with toys, I am still intend on giving at least a third of them away just for breathing space. And realistically, it's not like he plays with all of them all the time, he really just favors some (like his toy trucks, cars, dinos and play dough) and is just as happy with chopsticks and boxes and soup ladles. So, unless he really asks for something (and blessed be, we can let him lose at Toys R' Us with him able to say goodbye to the toys after he's done checking them out), buying more toys just doesn't feel justified. Plus, it's not like he doesn't receive gifts from our family (my parents are coming home for Christmas and have already sent balikbayan boxes of goodies ahead of them, and my in-laws doet on him).

And there's the fact that we've always considered his interests in planning trips. We still intend to take him to the Nido Discovery Center, and we've already promised he and Pappie will watch a mascot show this December.

If he's deprived at all, I guess it would be of regular interaction with kids his age, something I can only really work on after giving birth.

Anyway, hubs promised to buy him anything he'd ask for when we're out... kaso all he asks for now is FISH. And considering what he does to the fish at MIL's... not gonna happen, son!


Anonymous said...

huh? am I depriving reich? bec i never buy him toys either at most yong mga cheapy cheapy lang pero generally on his bdays, never!! pati clothes (kasi we get hand me downs and from my mom traditionally) i feel yakee 's more pampered than him

Mec said...

haha Dee... I guess kasi nga it's common for people to receive gifts on their birthdays and on Christmas (like kami, palaki kami sa ganun!) so it's really weird din that we haven't been doing it for our son pala :D But I don't think na Yakee is deprived either... pareho tayo eh, we bring them to trips instead...

kami nga lang Boracay, kayo Australia :p