Sunday, October 03, 2010

Thank You, Baby

Thank you, Baby (Pappie)
for all the love
all the care
all the patience
and all the little adventures
and surprises
that make my life
more meaningful
Thank you for providing for us
with nary a complaint
for working hard
and striving to be healthy
and understanding that
I am a work in progress

Thank you, Baby (Yakee)
for all the sweetness
and the privilege of knowing you first
and knowing you best
for giving me second chances
as I struggle to be a Mom
your Mom
Thank you for letting me see
the world
through your eyes
and all the things I am learning
as I teach you
and insisting to hold hands
or hug me
despite our difficult days

Thank you, Baby (Yamee)
for all the sweet expectations
and giddy anticipation
for all the additional love
and challenges
and lessons
and adventures
you'd bring to this family
Thank you for thriving
for reassuring me of your presence
every day
and for the inevitability
of reinventing me yet again
as I adjust to being a Mom of two

It's Mommy's birthday. Thirty three years ago, God allowed me to be born in this world to love all of you, and to be loved by all of you in turn. And the best thing He could ever give me is to make me QUEEN of you boys (well, Mommy Princess to darling Yakee).

1 comment:

Hazel aka Zizzy said...

aww nice. happy birthday delisyus & sexy mec!

so Yamee's a boy too? wow! I bet you can easily get back to being sexier than ever with 2 boys running around!