Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yamee's Birthing Story

After being conflicted about having a VBAC or not, we settled on a scheduled CS.

And then, our car broke down and we had to have some repairs done in the house. I also got bitten by the shopping bug and got bent on shopping for clothes and makeup. There went some of my delivery fund. And since I wanted to shop some more after the delivery, we opted to try the OB ward at Asian Hospital instead.

The only real hassle to us of staying there was that one of my neighbors' visitors kept lowering the A/C thermostat, even when she could very well hear an infant crying already in the room. But I have to be objective too, our bed gets cooler than theirs does, and most of the nurses kept my infant in mind so they were all increasing the temperature so my baby won't get cold.

Anyway, we got ourselves admitted last November 10. I was getting anxious on the way to the hospital since we had to drop Yakee first at my in-laws and we had to contend with zero visibility on the road due to heavy rains. I realy couldn't help feeling superstitious. Plus, I was also anxious about Yakee.

After being admitted, hubs left me for a while to resolvhe his issues with Globe while I blogged. The wifi at Asian (or in that room) was poor so I had to depend on our Sun Broadband. Then, hubs and I had a quiet dinner where we just talked and laughed and pretended it was a date. We then whiled the night away by catching up on NCIS episodes.

last time I was going to wear my Infinitude as a pregnant woman!

I had my last drink and food at 1 AM and we called it a night.

At 5 AM, we were awoken by nurses who were tasked to attach my IV drip. Unfortunately, they spilled a lot of my blood doing it so I couldn't sleep anymore. And the CS operation wasn't till 10 AM!

At quarter to 9 AM, people got me from the room to wheel me down to the Genesis area and prep me for the surgery. I was ready for them already, complete with Vitaglowed face and Estee Laudered lips.

the headline the day Yamee was born

I wasn't sedated anymore because I was insistent on ENP which proved very traumatic for me during the surgery. I heard every conversation, clink of the instruments, the nurses counting the instruments, my OB calling on the nurse for suction, etc. That was just so wrong!

And then Yamee either was still very high inside me or he moved during the surgery that they had to push him downwards towards the incision. Yikes.

But Pappie was there to kiss my forehead (and get traumatized along with me) and assure me that he's there so I need not worry, and then we heard the blessed cry of our second son.

Because it was a CS delivery, Yamee had to be put high on me already for the breast crawl. Unfortunately, he didn't get my memo and just slept and drooled on my breast. The nurses left him there for a while though, to give him time to latch, and let us get immediate and precious skin to skin contact. But still, he just slept. In fact, he wouldn't even really latch till 1 AM the following day, despite being roomed in already around 3 PM. And he wouldn't really breastfeed properly till 4 PM the following day.

I felt fine after the surgery and was even regalling my in laws already of tales in the OR. I did feel frustrated about Yamee not nursing, and not even seeming to need comforting. It was the next day, however, that I started feeling intense pain from gas which necessitated a longer fasting, more IV drips, and more IV pain relievers. We also had to ban visitors the next day because Pappie was suffering from migraine and wasn't in any state to also care for Yakee if he was brought there.

I did manage to stand up the second night (due to a desperate need to poop) and we were discharged the next day. We missed the discharge dinner that Asian Hospital is known for because everybody was expecting us to be discharged Sunday but I was desperate to be out of there. Plus, we had planned a birthday celebration on Sunday so I wanted us settled at my in laws already.

Our Yannis Mikah is the spitting image of our Rubeus Iakob so I just know he'd grow up as cute as his big brother. He also looks so much like Pappie. As of this writing, Yamee is thriving and Yakee is learning to cope while hubs and I are learning to parent two individuals.


geWi said...

arrghh kainis naman yung IV drip! possible pala na mangyari yun!

super magkamukha ang 2 anak mo hehe! ang ganda ng ilong, inggit ako haha!

Nyree said...

Congratulations again Mec!

Nakakainis nga the IV incident. And yeah dun palang sa first pic ni Yamee, sabi ko kamukha na ng kuya nya hehehe!

Hope you're all well! More blessings to your family! :)