Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Of Nurses and Nursing Assistants

One of the really humbling part of giving birth, and CS at that, is needing to be washed/cleaned down there. And much as hubs loved me, he wasn't keen on the prospect of having to assist me like that. Not yet, anyway.

So the nurses in their medical scrubs did it. Actually, I was confused because some nurses would refer me to assistants/aides who were also in nursing uniform scrubs but weren't really nurses. So, when I'd ask a nurse to call an aide and she offered to help me, I just got more confused.

But apart from realizing that I cannot really be a nurse and loving my sister for what she has probably done for others already, I sometimes really think of at least two nurses from Asian Hospital. I think I will forever equate kindness with their faces. They were so kind and patient and gentle. Both wore medical scrub despite one of them not being a nurse, but the service they rendered to me was the same. And really, I will forever be grateful and wish other new Moms would have the privilege of being cared for by them.

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