Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Arevalos Weekend

Last weekend was spent celebrating. First of all, Yamee turned one month. Then, hubs' sister who is now based in Dubai is back for a month. So, Pappie woke up early to go to Quiapo and buy some Excellente bacon and scrapped ham which we're sure his sister missed (plus, I have been craving their bacon).

We had to attend to a baptism seminar at Malate Church before we could go to Las Pinas though so celebrations started late. We just bought an Aristocrat cake and ordered pancit canton from Max's (thank God they accepted our order even if we just called so it was ready by the time we got to LP).

It was fun catching up and having loooong meals again just teasing each other and laughing at each other. The following day, we had Mass together and then went to Dampa Paranaque for a feast.

women who love Pappie, Yakee and Yamee the best

the monkey kids hamming it up for the cam

too much exposure for me, hehe, but this is such a happy shot

shots by Yakee

Can't wait for the Holidays which are sure to be as exhausting and as rewarding :)

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