Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Playing Santa This Year

We know that Christmas is about love and giving, not really gift-giving. But for two people who have traditionally showered nieces and nephews with gifts, this will really be an all-time low for us. I have decided that we're only giving gifts to godchildren 3 years old and below. Gifts can either be in cash or in kind.

So this morning, I bought our gifts already for the few kiddos falling within that category.

We keep telling ourselves that we're justified in our cost-cutting measures given that we spent so much on my delivery and are also spending for the christening. We tell ourselves that friends and family are sure to understand (well, maybe not some of the kids). But there is still that niggling guilt about not giving all of them any. But howell, we have to be practical and it's really not like we haven't been generous in the past.

A curious thing though, Yakee also doesn't have any wrapped gift to unwrap. We've decided on a Lego set but still haven't bought any. I also haven't bought any gift for my nephew Ice. What's stopping me from actually buying both of them gifts is the fact that my parents have just showered them with toys, clothes and books. To buy them more material things is just way too impractical at this point because, materially, they are so blessed already.

Hubs is bent on going to Divi tomorrow though, because he insists am not a cool gift-giver, given my tendency to buy books. Hehe.

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