Friday, December 10, 2010

Father and Sons

I have posted these in Facebook already but they deserve a proper entry.

Yakee was drinking my freshly pumped milk from the bottle; Yamee was begging to be held and Pappie was just happy with his two boys. And please note the matching shirts :) Yakee's was something I bought from my SIL and Yamee's onesie was something being sold at SM.

Yakee used to be as dark as Yamee so we're not worried about Yamee's coloring and are actually amazed at how well Yakee's looks have improved. Consider, too, that we just think they're the cutest infants ever. Haha.

at Ma Mon Luk. I had to crop it so that my cleavage won't take away from the cuteness of my sons. Plus, the cleavage was an unfortunate something considering the subject supposedly is "us with siopao."

same face contortion, different expressions. But Yamee is really the spitting image of his big bro.

Loving a child is rewarding in itself. Watching your kids grow loving each other, now, that is priceless. And truly an earlier heaven.

Yakee has really been ever so patient and loving with Yamee. And much too excited for Yamee's good.

And Yamee is such a noisy baby. He makes all these noises while sleeping and stretching that keeps me awake because I am always scared it will result in wailing and I didn't want Yakee awakened.

Oh, Yakee has been diagnosed with primary complex. Sadness. We're still seeking a second opinion but in my heart, I already know that we're facing six months of medication.

And it breaks my heart when Yakee is sad now that his Pappie's gone back to work. He just really enjoyed waking up knwong his father's downstairs.

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