Friday, December 10, 2010

Making Room

Apart from giving away clothes, rationalizing our things (especially in the bedroom) and reorganizing, we had to throw away these two things too to make room for Yamee.

The first are boxes of all the gadgets we've had since we got married. It was slightly hard for hubs to let go of them because he loved each and every gadget. All the boxes reminded him of how far he'd come in terms of purchasing power. He also even tried countering me that people in Greenhills prefer secondhand gadgets to be sold to them with the original packaging so those boxes actually have worth.

I told him we needed the shelf where they're being showcased for the past 5 years.

The second are my son's toys, half of which are already broken. It was hard having to part with most of them because they were given by Pappie, my parents or my son's godparents/aunts/uncles. But my son just has way too many toys and more did come with the arrival of my parents. We wondered if we should separate the really broken ones from the usable-but-just-no-longer-wanted ones (which we could donate to Jollibee) but I thought that some poor child not in some institution will want something unbroken for a change.

Now, the clothes and things for my second son from my parents' balikbayan boxes need room. I wonder which of Pappie's and Yakee's clothes I should throw or give away next.

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