Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Non-Maximized Cable TV

We have a scheme here in our compound wherein we only pay P125/month for our cable subscription, which we sort of share with our neighbors. The cable company wanted each door to pay full price for the suscription and none of us wanted to continue, having enjoyed a similar scheme before, so they allowed us the same scheme. Reception is still generally good and at least, the connection is legal. That's not to say it's maximized since we generally just watch TV in the afternoon, with our son watching cartoons most times and then us watching ABS-CBN telenovelas. There's just really no time to surf channels and enjoy all the free movies and documentaries!

Anyway, it's one of the perks that we might not enjoy anymore once we find a new home. Cable fees might be something we won't have funds for in the first years. I have even told hubby that we might just forego a cable connection in future, which I think he really wants to veto despite also not having any time at all to actually enjoy our cable connection. I guess he still really intends to someday own a plasma TV. Hehe.

Well, if ever we do get to a point where we could buy all our hearts' desires, we'd at least know that some television accessories you need, like cable for USB, can be easily had now. You can ever order online for HDMI cables (HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, which basically means boosting picture and sound quality) and enjoy brilliant digital sound while also being able to hook up your computers with your home entertainment system. Yep, it's something couch potatoes would absolutely be thrilled about.

In the meantime though, we'll just enjoy what we still have :)

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Jef Menguin said...

Enjoy what we have.

That is a powerful statement. Thank you.