Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Years

December 27, hubs went with his siblings and mom to Divisoria. They stayed there till late to catch the night market. I had an inkling that he'd buy me flowers there but forgot all about it after what I felt was hubs' insensitive text message declaring my love for him. Naks. Hubs intended for me to get miffed because he was making an effort...

Unfortunately, our sons would spoil his surprise of flowers.

First, Yamee pooped and refused to settle down so I had to go downstairs and wash him. Pappie was asking me where I planned to wash our son when up comes Yakee telling me about his new Ben10 watch, slippers and that Pappie and Ninang have so many flowers for me in the bedroom, and that I should come see.

MIL could have died laughing and the expression on hubs' face was priceless. Pappie gently reminded Yakee that he also told him it was meant to be a surprise for me, hehe.

I was sorry the sons spoiled his surprise... and also not. I mean, it made the gift-giving more interesting.

it is kinda nice that my in-laws are becoming a part of the tradition of replicating my wedding bouquet for every anniversary; hubs bought red roses this time though because he wanted our kids symbolized as well... or so he said

and these are the ones making our love more interesting... Yakee, the knight in shining armor (or in this case, a blunt, make-believe sword) and Yamee, his loyal squire

Five years. It sometimes feels like it's been forever... sometimes, like it's only been yesterday.

Leo Buscaglia said, "the life and love we create is the life and love we live." I am so wise and lucky to have created such a life with such a love... :) Love you Pappie... the best is yet to come!

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