Saturday, February 19, 2011

March is Tax Season

March is tax season. Unless they changed it, the usual deadline for filing of income tax returns is March 15. I still remember because always, first week of March, our Human Resource Department back in PPA would be sending ITRs for us to go over and sign.

That's it, we just had to sign them. Hubby and I never filed together so he also only had to sign. Of course, he's had to file for tax exemption for two kids. Then again, it doesn't really help that much because his tax is still 35% (or probably greater by now).

Still, we both never had to fuss over our ITRs. I have a friend who's based in the States and she had to stop the paid blogging gigs because it would complicate the computation of their taxes. His husband said, it's always good to never call the attention of the IRS, even if everything's as it should be, and far greater to never have to need an irs extension because they missed, or messed, something.

And hiring an accountant to keep your finances in order could be expensive. Some, who don't have that much inheritance or businesses could probably use a tax softaware and be done in good time but others just really have to make do with one.

Ah well. Hubs and I don't have much money so I can still pretty much track all our assets. I just really hope taxes in the country can bring good things to those who are actually paying up... like good roads, great public schools and an excellent public health care.

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