Thursday, February 24, 2011

Date at Mini Malls

Hubs took me on a date to mini malls last Feb. 18

First, he took me to the mall at Resorts World. It is a mini mall but we're really not going to shop anytime soon there because it's utterly high-end! Well, hubs did ask me to shop for underwear at La Senza but I begged him to just give me free rein at the launch of Eden Showroom, hehe.

He dined me at Red Crab :)

We bought Kopi Bun

Then we went to Piazza Mall at McKinley Hill to hopefully catch Kyla's free concert there... but we were late.

It was a very happy date...I especially loved just cuddling net to him while he's driving and looking out at the lights in the tall buildings we were passing.

And we capped the night with Starbucks, of course.

Thank you for the love, Pappie!!!

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