Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Delayed Artscow Orders

I had ordered photobooks from Artscow which I expected last January but never came. Great thing that Artscow decided to reprint the photobooks and send them to me again, at no extra cost, given that I suspect it's actually an issue with our own postal service (though I really don't understand what they hope to do with photobooks that are very personalized). I'm pretty sure it wasn't an issue with address signs since another one I ordered was actuallyd elivered to my doorstep. This reprint, I have to get from the post office.

Plus, it's not like the house address plaques in our neighborhood aren't visible enough for a mailman to miss our compound. Unlike other streets in Manila, our neighborhood actually has address plaques!


What should have been birthday gifts to our nieces are now graduation gifts. Maybe I should send the next I will be ordering straight to their addresses instead. Maybe the postal service is better in their areas.

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