Thursday, March 24, 2011

HK Getaway is On

I don't know if I will say it's fortunate or not that I found the Cebu Pacific offer yesterday for Hong Kong. Anyway, after much stops and restarts, I was able to book nine adults, three kids ages three to six and one infant on roundtrip tickets for Hong Kong in August.

Now, since we are committed to the non-refundable, non-transferable, non-rebookable tickets, we are doing everything we can to plan this family getaway through. It is in August so we have a lot of time to save for it and really plan our itineraries. I have even subscribed to groupon sites in Hong Kong just so we can maybe get a great meal for a really cheap price. If there's any coupon we can use for HK, I am hoping I can find it and use it. We, literally, have to gather our wits and go practical all the way.

We are in the process of finding budget accommodations. I am also consolidating tips on how to survive going to crowded places as a group, with an infant to boot. I have to know where or how I can change nappies and what things to bring. Yamee will also be eating by then already so that will be a challenge in itself. I am stressed already just thinking of all the carrying I have to do.

But... I know everything will be worth it for the delight in the children's eyes will be priceless. Just priceless.


Rosemont said...

Mec! I just read this... You may want to consider renting an apartment so your big group can just stay in one place and you can just buy your food. There are apartments that are near the MTRs so everything should just be a ride away.


geWi said...

wow!yakee will luurvee hk disneyland. he can ride every single ride there!