Friday, April 29, 2011

Friendster Testimonials

Because theysaid Friendster was closing :)

This was hubs' testimonial to me back in 2003:
If you can't get enough of people
saying she's sexy ... well shes DARN
sexy!!! This woman is one hell of a
dancer, would make your eyes and jaws
drop when she does her thing. But just
as appealing as her physical attributes
is her inner beauty. She has a
beautiful mind and a beautiful heart.
A loving person who knows how to speak
her mind. Compliments my chocolate
craving by loving White Chocolates as
much as I love dark. Someone whose
personality has been tatooed on my
mind, PERMANENTLY! Someone I miss and
love so much. Someone who I know is
happy with whichever endeavours she is
involving herself now a days. :) ...
Have I told you she's SEXY?

And this was mine to him:
◦He is one heck of a good friend... a
lot of people depend on him for sound
advice and comfort...

A very lovable person too... he can
easily win the hearts of children (and
can easily make babies fall asleep in
his arms)

A very loving person too... his
devotion to his family, especially his
lola and mother, isn't something one
sees a lot of from people nowadays...
he has strong family values...

Loves dark chocolate and can fall
asleep anywhere you put him... has
weird friends like Mark (is he here na
ba?)... a careful driver, an IT genius,
a lover of food... dreams of owning a
hi-end laptop (and PDA pa rin ba?)

he's sweet, very thoughtful...
patient... sensitive... considerate...
and funny... and i miss him... :)

i hope he's happy where he is... w/
whoever he's with... right now...
◦and did i say he's a sweet talker too?

My testi for hubs will read weird because we were sort of on a break for real the time I posted that. Four months later, we set the date for our wedding.

Life's like that :) Love is amazing like that :)

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