Saturday, May 21, 2011

Matching Outfits for the Boys

When I was pregnant and already knew we were having another boy, I was already scouting the net for funny baby onesies and matching sibling shirts. There's this line from In The Crib, I think, with a Philippine map and I wanted it in yellow and black for both boys. But they cost P400 each. And then there are these gorgeous tie-dyed creations from Googoogaga but they cost P850 each. It's not that we can't afford them but the boys will just really outgrow them fast so I can't really justify the cost, especially since they actually have so many clothes.

What I have been investing in lately are really nice polos for Yakee which I can see Yamee wearing someday. I have stopped giving some of Yakee's clothes away for Yamee too. And I make sure, sort of, that they have tops in matching colors at least. But oh, how I really wish my two boys and hubs can all be wearing the same top someday. I think it would be sooo cute!

I am also steering from shirts with characters from children's shows because the school Yakee goes to discourages us from letting our kids show up in one. Yakee has enough Buzz Lightyear outfits though, haha.

I really want matching shirts!!! Maybe for the boys' birthdays. Then again, I am limited by the colors of my breastfeeding tops, which are black, red and gray :D

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