Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Family in Crisis

I've told some friends that we are currently a family in crisis... by crisis, I mean, a turning point. A chance of great possibilities. Of changes. Of transitions.

First, Yamee is eating and rolling now, more engaging, demanding, and much to my dismay, learning to exploit the fact that he's the youngest (through cute smiles or angry wailing).

Then there's the fact that Yakee is officially enrolled somewhere. Not only did the tuition really made us realize how poorly we've saved, but it also requires things from us (like me having to pump twice a day sometimes!).

Then, there's Pappie being in a rut at work and contemplating a change. However, great opportunities are harder to come by for people like him who's in the managerial level. And what comes knocking requires great consideration, responsibilities, risks.

And me... still unsure about whether I have healed for good or what.

Then... today happened.

Yamee pooped around 1 AM so I changed him. Yakee woke up and followed me downstairs to tell me he couldn't breathe through his very clogged nose. Upon closer inspection, I saw that his rashes have progressed into angry-looking hives and the left side of his face and lips have swollen. I woke up hubs to tell him that either he has to buy something Yakee can take or we go to the hospital already.

Ever erring on the side of caution, he resigned himself to a trip to the ER at that time of night. However, due to stress at work and lack of sleep, his blood pressure started fluctuating while we were in the ER. Pappie ended having to be monitored as well while I waited on Yakee.

Man, was I scared. Furious with hubs out of fear... because my former classmate just lost her own husband recently and I know that worse things have happened to really good people. But I remained calm and just turned cold on Yakee after my preschooler bit me, upset because I was not allowing him to leave his pedia cot to visit his father just yet.


We're a family in crisis. Right now, we're also trying to make sense of our limited resources, and I don't just mean money. But I thank God for these problems and would really, really appreciate Him throwing us more happy problems like this...

But oh... no subtractions please! I want to grow old with hubs and enjoy our grandkids with him. And I want to see our sons become the good men I know they are destined to be.

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