Monday, July 04, 2011

Hoping We're Worthy

Almost six years ago, we were spiffin' newlyweds. Last month, I was primary sponsor at a wedding where hubs should have been the Ninong because it was his colleague that got married, only they had enough male sponsors.

Truth be told, it did not occur to me to say "NO" to the couple. People said that it's a compliment to hubs and I as a couple, and I really hope it is. But are we worthy of this honor so soon in our married life?

Honestly, you see, we are still struggling as husband and wife. And heaven knows we are struggling and striving as parents to our sons. True, the fights from our first year of marriage don't happen anymore. Now, we can stew for a while then gently express frustration, annoyance, anger, disappointment, etc. of the other later.

Still, I really hope that others see a potential of a lasting marriage in us... a validation that we are indeed on the right track.

I wish for more patience and grace for us as parents... and more shared dreams for us as a couple. I know hubs can do with a more supportive and hopeful wife too... and I could do with a hubby with more energy (so I can have a day off without all of them!) and better health.


For what it's worth, Pappie got scared enough by that high BP incident at the ER so he's jogging again and controlling his food portions. Here's to a healthier Pappie who can run after his sons.


Pappie asked me if I really wanted a SaYa baby carrier and I told him that I do, ever since I saw one. He told me to go ahead and buy one... but that I should say goodbye to any hope of an oven purchase. Yes, I am on a cookie binge.


Our division of yucky labor... Pappie is in charge of barf. I am in charge of poop. This weekend.... it was Yakee who barfed all over him, and gave me grief about poop on the floor. But yes, we still love our firstborn.

Yamee, on the other hand, is really showing signs that he'll be talking first before he can walk.

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