Friday, September 30, 2011

The Arevalos Survived Hong Kong - Day Three

We originally intended the day to be a leisurely one. We still ended up going back to the hotel at almost 12 midnight. Plus, hubs and I also had a fight, in front of his mom and brother to boot, and all because we were lost in translation. It seemed the cab drivers were refusing to service us because the place I wanted to go to was very near, but we couldn't understand them and thought that they couldn't understand where we wanted to go. I got severely annoyed and decided to just not go to that place (Linea Negra, a shop for maternity and nursing clothes) because I wasn't in the mood anymore... and hubs wouldn't have it, and got upset about me giving up. Suffice it to say, we did make up...


I have always dreamed of bringing Yakee to the Hong Kong Science Museum because I am such a geek. Unfortunately, I planned to go there when the museum was free for all, so the crowd was sort of a turn off.

Yakee did have a little fun but was missing his cousins (who went to Space Museum, thinking that was where we were supposed to meet).

I love how Yakee immediately 'finds' friends, even ones who don't speak the same language

he figured out that we should push all of the 'intestine' inside before pulling on it, to show to full effect how long our small intestines are (such a geek!)

hello, heads

at the House of Mirrors

We all went back to our hotel and then walked to the Star Ferry pier (looooong walk) to go the long way to Central :)

waiting for Bus 15C

best bus ride ever

Our Peak Tram experience was not so good. First, the lines were so long and it was so hot. We were positioned in front of the tram car,finally, but senior citizens started pushing, shoving and pulling (one of them even yanked on my niece's arm that got her crying, which got our big men shouting). It was really horrible and we were shaken up by the experience to really enjoy the ride.

At Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, we all had fun (though poor Iya was scared of the wax models).

what these girls are teaching my son... I swear! :D

hubs faced Yamee towards Hitler, we were going for a stare match thingie but Yamee started crying... guess he knew Hitler was super bad!

Yakee with Mozart

Yamee!!! tsk tsk tsk


big men in the clan, yes :)

with the Beatles!!!!

haha... closest thing we can get to music legends, as they're already dead

uhm... anak?

Yakee will pose well with other people, but not us

We took Bus 15 back to Central instead of going down the tram again. Yakee fell asleep in the dizzying ride so we decided to just go back to the hotel. Thanks to the Concierge, hubs was directed to Wah Kee Snacks and Summit Delicious Noodle House for this:

best meal ever!

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