Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Arevalos Survived Hong Kong - Day One and Two

By Arevalos, I mean my husband's previous family with their present ones.

I really didn't want a trip to Hong Kong just yet, because I feel my kids are still too small to pull their weight in terms of loads and I didn't want to worry about nap times, feeding times and changing times in a strange land. But since FIL was paying for us to go, it was kinda hard to resist the chance for all grandkids to 'go abroad' for the first time, at the same time.

I loved that we stayed at Hotel Benito because it was close to everything a family might want or have need of. The nearby cake shop was especially close to our hearts (via our stomachs) and the skewered meats and authentic Chinese noodles still make me drool (and it's been 2 weeks since we've been back).

But wait.... before we actually got there, hubs had to take Yakee to the ER. As in the night before we left! Yakee complained of an earache and he had a fever so we were worried about an ear infection. Plus, he was still coughing like crazy. It was a miracle none of the doctors who saw him (including his, I mean our, allergist) discouraged us from going on with the trip. We did make the sacrifice of lugging our heavy nebulizer with us, just so Yakee can nebulize the entire time we were there.

Day One was mostly spent crankily getting the feel of the new city, checking in, catching some sleep, finding our way around and just checking things out. We ate at Yoshinoya and Full Restaurant, discovered a delightful frozen yogurt, went to Toys R' Us at Harbour City Mall and grocery shopped there, and explored Granville area that night.

Yakee and Iya amusing themselves while waiting for Lianne at HKIA

the cousins already having a blast, on the way to our hotel

obviously, no sleep yet

pier view at the Harbour City mall

fan of Angry Birds, eh?

bigger fan!

kids at home in all those designer splendor at Harbour City Mall

looking for a dining place

enjoying Granville shopping

kids hamming it up at Bossini outlet store

Even Yamee was enjoying the yogurt

Hubs and I were a little depressed during this time. Aside from the lack of sleep, we were also tummy-crampy and had to buy the equivalent of Imodium at Watson's. We couldn't get excited over the food!

Day Two was Ocean Park day and it proved to be really exhausting. All the walking we did!

We all just had to remind ourselves that we're doing it for the kids. The adults did have some fun riding the Abyss and Flash rides.

on board Citybus 629

lovey dovey, yes!

throughout the Hong Kong trip, Yakee generally hated posing with us, and kept on joining Lianne in her family pics...

the family at Ocean Park

kids watching the 'show' on the ceiling of the Ocean Express

happy even if he was missing the seal/dolphin show

just like in breastfeeding, tummy to tummy!

we figured out a way for the boys to share the stroller

and the little one was just relaxed

later on, the SaYa was his safety belt

Yamee slept right through the heat while Kuya feasted on snow cones

at the sea lion area

MIL with her grandkids

happy at the fan around his neck

enjoying the cable car ride at night

we were so mean, we brought them to Whiskers Harbour just when we were about to leave

first ever slide? :)

We had dinner at Cafe de Coral this time... and the food was just so-so. I was extra bummed because I was so tired and they got my order wrong. I was looking forward to fish but got served some meat-sauced pork stuff.

But hey, check this out!

pic on the left taken in June 2004

And oh, what is it about my sons and poles?

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