Saturday, October 29, 2011

Field Trip at Malvarosa Orchid Farm /Paradise Farms

Hubs simply couldn't be absent at his son's first field trip... and we decided to make it about Yakee and not bring Yamee along. In the end, we did miss Yamee but enjoyed not having to attend to him too. Plus, he was so stimulated the previous day that he kept us awake the whole night before the field trip... bringing him along for more stimulation was simply out of the question.

It rained a little before we got to the farm but the weather was nice and hot the entire day, allowing the kids to have a good run of the farm. Oh, they were sooo happy! There were some minor accidents (hammocks hitting kids, falling, etc) but all in all, it was one moment of cuteness and awe after another.

And since the kids pretty much kept to themselves, us parents managed to be laidback, relaxed, even romantic (a couple held hands at the swing!).

I did say relaxed, right?

prenup shoot, why not? haha... plus, Yakee refused to have a pic taken with us

the kids chasing us away from the area

super friends and the eldests in the group

feeding goats

flying kites

swinging from tires

going to the vegetable patch

we took the string beans the kids gathered home

picking radish

and patola

petting rabbits


carabao ride

crowded pool fun


One testament to how well-behaved Waldorf kids are is that there were no major fights among the kids, nothing that required any of us to step in ( I can actually just remember one of the twins trying to defend his twin from one of the other boys, and his sister stepping in to pacify him). And the discipline issues were more about being careful (with the swings/hammock) and settling down to eat. They took turns, helped each other, were gentle with each other. Some kids threw tantrums but were short-lived enough not to disrupt the relaxed, happy mood of the day.

What's more, the kids loved being together but there were no tantrums when everyone were saying goodbye. It just proves that they're secured enough to know there will be other days for playing.

And we only had to pay P320/adult and P200/child. So, we thought we should just have brought Yamee and Ate Gang along :D Food was great too...


Anonymous said...

beautiful blog mommy....i suddenly saw myself in Malvarosa farm again...:) Tita Winnie

Faye Paras said...

Sigh. I wish I can just move our house somewhere near Rockwell so we can finally go back to St Mikael. I miss that place.