Friday, October 21, 2011

Losing My Precious

It feels a little ironic for me that just last night, I was sharing with my friends the story of how a married couple we admire do not own wedding rings to sort of reassure one in the group who also doesn't have any.

It also feels stupid to have only realized that I lost my rings along with my wallet late in the afternoon already, when I was moping about the baby bead bracelet that Yakee and Yamee used, which was also in the wallet/cosmetic bag.


I really appreciate Pappie for not making me feel worse (which, in a way, made me feel worse 'coz he was so nice, and I was so possibly careless).

I haven't been wearing my rings most of the time since I became a SAHM... less now that I have eczema on my hands. On a good month, i'd probably wear them once. But I like looking at them, forbid Yakee from playing with them, and always bring them with me in case I feel I should wear them. Now, I highly regret that decision. I highly regret this day. It's stupid and futile to keep thinking about what I could have done differentlybut this was really such a bad day in so many ways...


Hubs said he'd lose so much weight so his own ring will be too big for him and we could have it melted and made into two rings again :)


At the Power Plant Mall, when I first realized I didn't have my wallet with me, I apologized to Yakee for not having money to buy the agreed popsicle that we went there for. He was immediate in his response, "Mommy, it's ok, I have money..." and proceeded to get the 25 cents he found in the jeep that morning.


When I was crying by the dining table after realizing I lost my rings, Yakee asked me why I was sad then hugged me. Then he said, "It's ok Sarabi, it's ok."

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