Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day, Baby

Because I didn't get to post about our 5th anniversary, I am embracing Valentines :)

I'm really sorry though that I have no gift to give... but I would like to document how happy I still am that you surprised us (me, your Mom and sisters) with three red roses each during Sunday dinner. I was teasing you about coming up with some gimmick with Yakee, so he'll grow up knowing he has to show appreciation to loved ones (especially me, after all, what's the good of having men in your life if you're not treated royally?)... and that gesture was the best there could possibly be. I'm sorry Yakee refused to come down and assist you though, well, in his words... "he was very hungry" :)

And I do thank everything and everyone that led me to you. I thank all the frogs I had to kiss... all the mountains and rivers I had to cross (literally and figuratively)... I thank God that you don't give up on me when I am wicked witch personified... I thank the Life I have now, and with you.

I love you, baby. And thank you again that I know that you love me back.

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