Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iPhone's Unexpected Gift

Hubs got an iPhone upgrade as part of his Globe plan a few months ago. And since then, he has become an iPhonographer... a photographer just using his iPhone. Of course, it helps that he could get cheaper accessories at CDR King or that there are so many presets available to him to edit pictures with but still... I can't deny the fact that his composition has really improved. And now, somebody else is capturing the mundane moments of our family life...

on MIL's street one afternoon

our lovely niece, Iya

new and old, a juxtaposition

the big ferris wheel at MOA park

Chinese New Year tradition between father and son

Just last Saturday :) nice capture of Yamee's reflection on our car, right?

painting in the CR

fountain at Bonifacio High Street

cherry cheesecake

Yakee with the Valentine he/we made for Pappie

stairway at Jolibee Casimiro, last Sunday

Now, he's considering getting pictures printed on canvas :) Maybe, he's really the one who's going to document our lives... and I am now challenged to always look good from hereon so I can be his favorite and worthy subject :)

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Vera said...

Yay for the iPhone! it's become my main camera too :) Hey Mec! :)