Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Enjoying MV Logos Hope

It was really great to have had a chance to go to this sailing bookstore at a time when it wasn't hot nor crowded anymore. What's more, the stuff I purchased there for our nieces were really appreciated... as in finally, I got a gift right!

But anyway, here are the boys enjoying MV Logos.

Yamee couldn't get enough of the sign...

... while Kuya can't get enough of this demo control panel

unlike Kuya, he insisted on having a book bought for him

aye, aye captain! (he was set on sailing with the ship, I keep having to remind him we have an upcoming trip involving boat rides)

Yakee loved watching cins spiral down this one

and they had all the toys to themselves too

I guess this signals the true beginning of our educational family dates :)

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