Thursday, March 08, 2012

Better Eating Habits

One of the things I took from my Waldorf crash course that I really want our family to adopt is better eating habits. Generally, we're already consuming homecooked meals that use less salt and fats (cousin trims off a lot of chicken skin and always buys lean meats). However, my husband and cousin unwittingly developed in all of us a habit of eating sweets for desserts, and I don't mean just fruits.

Thank God it's summer though and there is a bounty of watermelons and pineapples and mangoes for us to enjoy... but still, we should really drop more of the chocolates from our grocery shopping.

And no, it's not like the kids eat chocolates everyday for every meal, but it's also come to a point that the eldest one doesn't feel a meal complete if he doesn't have a processed dessert. And so, I push fresh milk just to make him feel he's had a treat. Hehe.

We have also slowly switched to smaller portions of meat to trick us into 'having eaten a lot already' and a sort of slow carb diet. I am trying to offer less bread and more fruits/veggies for snacks too and entice my firstborn with salads.

Every little bit counts!

Meanwhile, I hope my youngest adjusts to the heat soon because I feel it has affected his appetite so much. I really want us to be healthier!!!

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