Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Car Trouble This Time

When it rains, it pours.

Coming along the heels of the crazy helper are car troubles.

I have to be honest, we had originally planned on replacing Maxime, our car, last year I think. It was part of a 5-year plan, but well, it was easier to come up with Hong Kong and birthday money than to actually buy a new/another car.

And so, Maxime would break down once in a while already since it is an old model. Maybe around every six months, we have to deal with steep maintenance upkeep for her. Now, something about her parts have to be calibrated again (sorry, when hubby was talking about it, I wasn't really paying attention as to which part). Aside from the initial expense of almost P4k, now we're looking at another P12k expense.


Though these incidences have not yet driven us to revisit car insurance quotes, we simply cannot deny that we may soon have to bite the bullet and maybe take out a loan again for a new car. That, or accept the fact that more tune ups and break downs will be coming... and for a family, that's really rather unacceptable. Aside from the fact that hubby needs the car for work, it is his safety and our safety at stake here.

It is in times like these that I question my decision to stay home. I can keep telling myself that we'd have car troubles (or other financial issues) whether we're a one-income or two-income family anyway, so long as we have a car, but I still really feel guilty about not having any dependable income to dip into.


And of course, I cannot sleep easy till I know the car is fixed.

Still, with all the troubles we're having lately (Yakee has fever too, seems to be a stomach flu), I'm just glad that things aren't worse and that we're all still safe. Thanks, guardian angels!

(and yes, I am invoking the universe to provide for our car troubles)

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