Monday, April 23, 2012

First Night in Iloilo

We were in Iloilo last March 17-19. I didn't think there was much for us to do there so I decided for us to just stay longer in Bacolod. Who would have thought that I was so wrong... and that we needed more days in all 3 places we visited :)

Anyway, from Ortiz Wharf, we took a taxi to One Lourdes Dormitel, which turned out to be a really cheap hotel with a great location. Yakee still had a bad cold so we thought of bringing him to the doctor but decided to wait it out another day and observe. Yes, we're not that scaredy parents anymore.

we agreed that I would sleep with Yamee and Pappie will sleep with Yakee, but as always, both boys slept with me... and I sometimes had to find a space in the bed for myself!

We called Camiña Balay nga Bato and asked if we could be accommodated for that afternoon and they booked us at 5:30. A taxi brought us to the Arevalo district, which of course tickled us pink, and we enjoyed our time at Camiña before sightseeing and then dining at Breakthrough restaurant.

entering Camiña Balay nga Bato... the yellow shade of the house reminded me very much of Casa Blanca in the Plaza San Luis Complex in Intramuros

the boys banging on a P1M antique Steinway

posing by the escalera :)

mother and son at the top of the stairs

about to enjoy our tsokolate e experience!

like a true Arevalo, my son woke up in time to partake of the hot chocolate... while his Kuya didn't care for it and feasted instead on the mamon tostado

my crazy boys :)

the Villa Arevalo area was actually named after the hometown of a Spanish governor; on the other hand, hubs' ancestry could be traced from Taytay, Palawan and Masbate

Villa Arevalo plaza; one very consistent thing about Iloilo is a statue of Rizal in plazas fronting/near the church

haha... isn't it cute how they're pointing at the Lechon sign? :D

and of course we had to order some

We all went back to our hotel, eager to have a good night's sleep (since the boys kept us awake most nights in Guimaras), but hubby and I made a sidetrip to Robinson's first to buy ice cream and chocolates. Hubs thanked me again for finding a hotel that's so close to the mall... and that night, we did sleep well.

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