Saturday, April 21, 2012

Starting Up Pains

I believe I have mentioned that we're investing our money in the hope that 1) we can make it grow and 2) we won't forever be employees. Hubs has partnered up with his long-time friends from high school and the wives have been really supportive.
But starting a business isn't really easy. We have been agonizing the business name, the business plan, how best to start, what niche to target, how small or big to go. It's a great thing that technology allows us to go back and forth with ideas and queries, otherwise, things will just take longer.
So far, we have settled on a tentative company name and decided to lease some properties. Hubs has been tasked to manage the e-groups and Facebook groups. Once we're operational, he will be in charge of the web page. Blessed be that there are free websites now that can support start-up companies by allowing us to get syndicated, at least, in the world wide web.

Hubs is quite antsy about learning site building basics again though but some in the group are eager to have something up to professionalize and help legitimize what they're trying to start.
And have I said something about funding? Not everyone going into this has a disposable fund. But we trust that we can make it worth. In our case, we're willing to 'make mistakes' rather than keeping our money 'safely' in the bank... since it is not really yielding us anything there.
We actually have another thing we want to pursue now that we've been bitten by the entrepreneural bug.
I am just really invoking the heavens will work their magic and pave the way for us... after all, don't they say that life paves the way when you have finally decided togo for what you want? :)

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