Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crunch Time

In our country, summer is usually crunch time for parents as they crunch those numbers and slash those budgets to keep the family out of debt... all because of tuition fees.

It seems a long time ago now when I wasn't really concerned about these things, but we are here now, part of the parent population feeling impoverished and limited as of the moment. But like what a friend said though, despite getting naturally depressed at the amount you have to let go of, there is also that sense of liberation and empowerment that comes with being able to pay off the tuition fee in one go: at least that's over and done with. My parents took advantage of the lower rates when you pay in full, and I also cannot imagine having to face tuition expense more than once a year. It's not just the monetary savings, but the stress that you avoid if you can just really pay up in one go.

I'm sure a lot of parents are also wondering how they can make money grow as fast as Timothy Sykes did, maybe pondering if it's really time to get the services of a financial advisor to maximize income, and checking out entrepreneurship magazines. And yes, maybe even buying more lottery tickets and betting on fate.

And it's not just the tuition fees but the new books, new school stuff, the allowance, the additional fees at school, the future costumes and cost of field trips, concerts, projects... I can go on and on.

It's crunch time.

Thankfully, we don't have to buy school books just yet and Yakee's tuition comes with meals and all the art materials he so desires. But I have spent on books for the both of us... and I am itching on more educational toys. But like it or not, we have really joined the league of parents with school-age kids.

Crunching numbers and penny-pinching, here we come!


But oh, we are mighty proud of Pappie who has just secured his PMP certification :)  Love you Pappie.

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