Wednesday, June 06, 2012

School year 2012 Anxieties

This is it.

School year 2012 and our first sorta official homeschooling year.

I have read the teacher's manual of the Ball-Stick-Bird books so I have a fair enough idea how to go about teaching Yakee to read, should he ask to be taught. I've decided not to offer nor refuse, but to also start paving the way for the educational activities disguised as play (or play disguised as educational activities).

Other things to still do include throwing away clutter (things we feel will be useful someday but haven't touched in years), making sense of our shelves, creating a study/working nook for me, Pappie and Yakee... as well as a designated play area.

I also hope to get more shelves and plastic chests for all the toys (heaven knows we're blessed with so much)... and those I want to purchase. I have my eye on some Ebay, Fine Wooden Toys and Toys and Stuff wooden toys that are sure to get us bankrupt (but we can always look into ebay loans, hehe). And I still want sturdy wooden study tables for the boys, ones we can get wet or they could stand on.

What else?

We have plenty of art materials already but I think I should reorganize them (since some are still in plastic bags). I have so many project ideas in mind too, so maybe I should also shop for some patience over possible messes and mishaps.

Right now, Yakee has been insisting he doesn't want to go to St. Michael. I tried talking to his "I" last night and he woke up raring to go to school today... then changed his mind when he got reminded that he'd eat oatmeal there... then changed his mind again when he remembered he'd also get to eat macaroni and potatoes :D

Hopefully, Yakee's time away will provide me and Yamee special time, and that it will help him talk (if that's all he's missing) or at least communicate to me better. Hopefully, too, we can enrol Yamee in the parent-child sessions and hubs can alternate with me, so he'd also learn to appreciate Waldorf education better.

I know, my anxieties seem to stem from more expense, time and effort required of us as parents... but hey, that's investment in our kiddos, right?

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