Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Ending

Today marked the tenth and final day of Yakee's swimming lessons and I really couldn't be anymore prouder of him and all the effort he (excitedly) put in. He's the youngest in the Snapper 1 class but he could keep up with the 6-year olds.

What's more, I am so glad he was able to finish all sessions (which ran every day) without getting colds or allergies. I can't help but worry about what seems to be his progressing asthmatic lungs so I was really very vigilant with his medicines, and that he get all the rest he needs. I even made sure his ears are unclogged so he won't get swimmer's ear.  I was really concerned that he may not finish the training, that we'd move on to using humidifiers and vaporizers at home (I heard of good reviews for da buddha vaporizer ).

Yamee, on the other hand, only gets excited about being in the pool when his brother is there. And he has also been falling and hitting his head so much the past few days (from bouncing off a ball, losing balance at the edge of the bed and tumbling down the sofa) but he's insistent about continuing his explorations (that is, of his limits, since he likes jumping off the bed and sofa). He's also taken to signalling that he's about to poop by making motions on his diaper that's making me believe he's ready to be toilet trained (which sort of brings me back to the use of vaporizers because he can stink up the house, haha).

Both boys compete for reading time. Both boys already know how to play with each other (in the typical rough way). Both boys have great appetites lately. Both boys are healthy... all we can ask for really.

Hubs is preparing for an exam... and I am trying my best to deliver on a promise. In our own different ways, we are getting better and better.

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