Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Dreams of Lanais and More Space

Yakee was playing with the neighborhood kids and I couldn't help but wish that we're living in a bigger house, preferably my dream home, with a lanai just for running around. Just like Mike Defensor's home, which had a really huge lanai where they held the bloggers forum when he was campaigning as QC Mayor (I think). They had a bar there so they obviously used in a lot for entertaining guests. It had an outdoors feel without any fear of getting wet (in case it rains) or getting burned by the hot sun. Perfect place for lounging really.

And if you get the floor paved (like what you see in a lot of  Orange County paving, I think they just contact Install It Direct  for it), then you can safely have your kids running around without worries of them slipping and wear and tear on your floor. Lanais are also great for those who like to garden or keep aquariums. For those embracing a Waldorf lifestyle, it could be the perfect place for painting (no worries over messes inside the home) and Eurythmy activities. And again, really, just for running around.

A huge porch will also do, like at MIL's resthouse in Marinduque and hubs' uncle's farmhouse in Laiya. Imagine a huge house framed by a wide porch on all sides... it's again having that outdoor feel with a roof over your head.

But I guess I just have to be thankful, for the meantime, that the walkway in our compound provides some breathing room for our city kids... and that our kids are still small enough to be able to run around it. i guess, if we're also going to insist in living in the city, the most we could do is level offour roof and turn that into a lanai/living roof of sorts. Yards are definitely hard to come by here, and way out of our budget.

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